Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Strummer in Escape from Meat Island!

Strummer is not an only furball, in fact, she has two VERY big brothers, Beamish & Scurvy. The only problem is, she can be a bit timid around them, especially when they're sleeping on the couch. Her solution? MEAT ISLAND!
When Strummer jumps up & finds the massive felines having a lounge, she retreats to the t-bone pillow & waits for them to leave, so she can run around on the couch.
(Why yes, she IS a vegan dog, but no animals were harmed in the making of this ridiculous pillow.)


  1. haha, sooooo cute!! all meat should be plush meat, all doggies should be as adorable as Strummer. well, i think all doggies actually are!

  2. This picture really puts Strummer's tininess into perspective! Those cats are HUGE compared to Strummer.

  3. i kinda want a t-bone pillow now! is that gross? haha.

    i also want sushi pillows.

    <3 that strummer