Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Strummer + Melisser = True Love.

Okay, so this isn't a blog for humans, it's a blog for the World's Cutest Tiny Chihuahua, but I adore my baby bear so much, I thought it would be OK to slip in this one, so you can see the cuteness.
This is her, "yeah, OKAY.." face, when she knows someone is doting on her. Next thing you know, she'll be using her paws to spring off your face, so she can go run around.


  1. She's smaller than your head!!! Love that dress btw.

  2. Great photo! Wish I could do that pose with Andy.

  3. She is edible!

    I just stumbled upon this whilst searching for coffee+chihuahua and boy am I glad I did.
    I have a tiny 4lb ultra long legged chiwa (huge compared to strummer)who is my universe.
    It's nice to find other dog obsessed bloggers.